Supplier PO T&C

Supplier Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

1. Supplier will comply with all regulations including but not limited to, Health & Safety, Customs, International Traffic in Arms, Canadian Controlled Goods Registration program and Transportation.

2. Supplier must provide evidence that all quality clauses, drawing data, and purchase order requirements have been flowed down to their sub-tier suppliers and contractors, including requirements flowed down through Letar from our customers.

3. All applicable records and documentation associated with the products, goods and services purchases must be retained by supplier for minimum 10 years.

4. All collect shipments must be shipped as Ground / Standard shipments unless otherwise indicated on the Purchase Order.

5. Supplier must advise Letar Inc. in advance of any product or process changes that affect products, goods or services delivered to our facility and where required obtain written approval prior to delivery of such products, goods or services.

6. Supplier must package products in such a way that they are protected from physical damage and the environment. Damage that occurs in transit is the responsibility of the Supplier.

7. Supplier agrees to grant access by our organization, our customers and regulatory authorities to the applicable areas of all facilities, at any level of the supply chain involved in the order and to all applicable records.

8. Supplier Testing and Certifications services supplier must provide Certificate of Analysis and / or Test Reports showing evidence of product testing, inspection and compliance per applicable specifications.

9. Supplier agrees to maintain confidentiality of and not use and disclose drawings, specifications, technical information or any other data supplied by Letar Inc. under this Purchase Order.

10. Where applicable, Supplier shall consolidate shipments into one shipment per day.

11. Payment terms of Letar Inc., Purchase Orders are 60 days unless otherwise indicated.

12. Supplier must not provide non-conforming goods, products or services without written pre-approval from Letar Inc.

Quality clauses

13. Certificate of conformance and MTR required. Material purchased under this Purchase Order must conform to DFARS 225.872-1. Metal goods suppliers must retain on file proof of origin of all metals sold to Letar Inc.

14. When applicable a: NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) Certificate must accompany every shipment

15. Certificate of Calibration per applicable NIST or equivalent standards required for each item.

16. When specified on Purchase Order, Supplier must provide samples for evaluation accompanied by an AS9102B FAI Report, prior to manufacturing of the whole quantity ordered.

17. Not a production item, no quality clauses applicable.

18. Where a Material Data Sheet (MSDS) or Technical Data Sheet exists, the Supplier must provide it with this shipment. Products and goods with less than ¾ remaining shelf life must not be shipped unless agreed to by Letar Inc.

19. Certificate of Compliance required with every shipment.

20. For Supplier Testing and Certifications services, the supplier must provide Certificate of Analysis and / or Test Reports showing evidence of product testing, inspection and compliance per applicable specifications.

21. Certificate of Conformance and manufacturer CofC and MTR to be provided with every shipment.

22. Refer to Letar Inc. website at under the Supplier PO T&C tab for clauses used for this purchase order. Acceptance of this Purchase Order means that the supplier has read, understands and accepts all Conditions of purchase/ Quality Clauses.

23. Supplier must not provide non-conforming goods without written pre-approval from Letar Inc.

24. Raw material must come from no more than two heat numbers.

25. Do not ship non-conforming products.

26. Raw materials requirement: Certificate of Conformance, Mill Test Reports (chemical composition, tensile testing, ultrasonic inspection as required).

27. Ship collect using these preferred providers: UPS, Purolator, FedEx, call for pick-up.

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